How to Maintain and Repair Your Dock

A dock needs regular maintenance. That is the reason why you need to keep it clean by only using non-toxic cleaning solutions which won’t hurt the quality of water. You need to inspect all the planks that are inspected in a regular manner for the cracks or splinters. In this article, you will be able to learn some tips on how to keep your deck in tip top shape. 

Wood Dock Sealing 

All woods that are used on the dock must be treated lumber. Aside from that, you need to apply a dock sealant regularly following the instructions of your manufacturer. Prior to sealing, you need to clean the dock using a pressure washer as well as use safe dock-cleaning chemicals in order to remove mold and algae. Simply sand the surface prior to sealing it in order to prevent the paint coating from peeling, as well as anything that might prevent the sealant from adhering such as debris. Whenever possible, you can also remove the dock from any body of water as well as let it dry fully prior and after sealing. 

Inspect the Platform Underwater 

The moment the dock sits on the underwater platform, just examine the platform using swim goggles and then run your hands through the material in order to check for any damages. When doing this, you have to make sure that you do it safely. You can do this in a safe manner by using a floatation device and you also need to ensure that there’s a good swimmer nearby. 

Plants and Animals Removal 

The moment many barnacles as well as other creatures are attached to a dock, chances are they can be able to cause damage as well as make it much impossible to inspect, repair and treat properly. This is why it’s best that you use a hull scraper or putty knife in order to remove marine life and barnacles from all surfaces. Also, after the barnacles are being removed, simply scrub using a mild abrasive pad scrub. 

Repairing Wooden Platforms 

Damaged areas like small holes on wooden platforms can actually be repaired using a marine putty. Actually, there are a lot marine putty varieties available and that include one-part acrylics and two-part epoxies. Make sure to wear gloves as well as follow the directions of the manufacturer when you are using a putty.  

Furthermore, epoxy putties are mainly a better choice for much larger areas, while the acrylic putties are also good in filling scratches and pinholes. If you are using epoxy putty, then make sure to mix all the parts in a sufficient manner as well as at the correct proportions in order to make sure that the putty will be set in a proper manner. The moment you are repairing any surfaces underwater, you have to ensure that you use a putty material which will quickly dry even underwater.  

Treating and Repairing Metal Platforms 

Metal platforms should be lubricated in a regular manner in order to avoid rust. Repair rusty areas, holes, as well as other damages using a welder when needed. It’s also best that you consult a professional floating dock builder Melbourne FL most especially if you are using metal platforms or any other dock type. 

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